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I have some of WebClient Requests in my App and want to check the parsing of the retrieved data in a unit test. How Do I wait in the WP7 Silverlight UnitTestFramework for the event client_DownloadStringCompleted?

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Completely wrong approach here. You're unit testing the wrong thing.

What you want to do, is to move your parsing of the data out to another class, and define a interface, say:

interface IWebParser { MyResult Parse(string input); }

and then inject that into your class, and in your DownloadStringCompleted event, call iWebParser.Parse(e.Result).

Now you can test your implementations of the IWebParser. And replace it.

Unit Testing isn't meant to test implementation specific code. You might as well just use a accessor and test a private method then!

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My approach to this has been to introduce a wrapper class around WebClient (well, I actually used HttpWebRequest in the end, as WebClient did too much in the UI thread...) implementing an interface. I could then create a FakeWebClient implementing IWebClient, allowing me to validate the URLs that were being fetched, and responding with errors, success cases etc as desired.

It's unfortunate that quite a few APIs in .NET aren't easily testable / fakable :(

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Usually you should not test with HTTP requests. But to write such tests anyway eventually this link will help you (asynchronous testing):


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