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Multi-select dropdown list in ASP.NET

I am doing databinding to a dropdown and I want to allow multiple selection using a check box in side the drop down. How can I do that. thanks

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public class CheckBoxDropDownList :
    protected override void CreateChildControls()
        base.CreateChildControls ();
        DropDownList ddl=new DropDownList();
        ListItem li=new ListItem("");
        ddl.Width =new Unit(100);
        ddl.Attributes.Add("onmousedown", "showdiv()");
        ddl.Attributes.Add("onclick", "showdiv()");
        ddl.Attributes.Add("ondragover", "hidediv()");
        ddl.Attributes.Add("onmouseout", "hidediv()");

        CheckBoxList cbl=new CheckBoxList();
        cbl.Width=new Unit(80);

        ListItem li1=new ListItem("ListItem1");
        ListItem li2=new ListItem("ListItem2");
        ListItem li3=new ListItem("ListItem3");


        System.Web.UI.HtmlControls.HtmlGenericControl div=new 
        div.Style.Add("BORDER-RIGHT", "black 1px solid");
        div.Style.Add("BORDER-TOP", "black 1px solid");
        div.Style.Add("BORDER-LEFT", "black 1px solid");
        div.Style.Add("BORDER-BOTTOM", "black 1px solid");
        div.Style.Add("VISIBILITY", "hidden");

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A combo box is used to select one of many items, not many of many. This is why why it does not have a SelectedItems Property. Depending on your interface (example WPF) you could use a Data Binding Item Template. But I would strongly advise not to do this, it is bad practise and you are also hiding the multiple items the user has selected.

It you want to allow a user to select multiple items use a ListBox or ListView so the users can see what selections they have made

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Perhaps CheckBoxList control... Isn't it more suited for the multiple selection scenario?

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here is good example for multiple selection in dropdown list using check boxes

I hope it will helps you

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