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I want to use facebook's registration plugin to register users on my site. During development I will be registering an unregistering from my site several times. What is the way for my site to convey an un-register even to facebook?

I need this because when a user who is already registered with my site visits my site's registration page, the Facebook-rendered iframe says that the user is already registered.

This goes to a more general question about registration lifecycle management. Hope to get some pointers.


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That's how it should be working , isn't it ? ;) If you want to give options for unregister, then you should give a link within your site where users can unregister themselves. And you can remove the users from your database if you store them.. :) – Vijay Oct 27 '11 at 13:55
Hi Vijay, Thanks for the comment. To improve user workflow, I would like my site to unregister the user from my site's Facebook app and remove their info from my site's DB in one shot. I would like to programmatically delete my app from the user's profile on unregister. Is that possible? – Raj Oct 27 '11 at 14:01
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See this link ,

Remove the application from a user using graph API

I tried the solution given by Qlimax,

I tried removing one of my sample application permissions and then visited my apps tab and i couldn't see that application..

But i'm not sure whether that would have removed the whole application or would have left any traces by removing only the permission i gave for that application..

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You can remove the app from account settings in facebook. this will unregister the user from the facebook side.

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