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I have trouble getting the absolute path with cakephp while using a shell. Shell do not load all the files like normal www files do. So i think is a file i need to load but i don't know which...

What have i done already

  1. I have tried echo $this->Html->image($this->Html->url('/pluginName/image.gif',true));, normally this would work but not this time... it appears as if the true is not there and a relative path is set.
  2. define('FULL_BASE_URL','http:/domain'); this one works but is not portable, i need a solution that is portable since this shell may run from different servers that have different images absolute path (same name but the domain changes.

What i need

  1. It needs to be portable.
  2. It needs to give me the full url.
  3. It has to work within a shell.

Thanks in advance

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The problem is that there is no web request when running a shell. The generated URLs are always relative to which URL the app was invoked with. On the shell, there is no URL to be relative to, and there can't be a default URL since the app could be invoked from any number of URLs. You'll need to hard-code the URL to be available in the shell.

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oh, that's correct, oh well hardcode it will be then. thanks – api55 Oct 27 '11 at 12:51

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