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i have this PHP script:

$q = mysql_query("SELECT `token` FROM `tokens`");

$ctx = stream_context_create();
stream_context_set_option($ctx, 'ssl', 'local_cert', 'apns.pem');
$fp = stream_socket_client('ssl://', $err, $errstr, 60, STREAM_CLIENT_CONNECT|STREAM_CLIENT_PERSISTENT, $ctx);

while($token = mysql_fetch_array($q))
    $deviceToken = $token[0];
    echo $deviceToken.": ";
    $payload['aps'] = array('alert' => $message, 'sound' => 'Completed.wav');
    $payload = json_encode($payload);

    if (!$fp)
        echo "Failed to connect {$err} {$errstrn}<br />";
        echo "Connection OK<br />";

    $msg = chr(0) . pack("n", 32) . pack('H*', $deviceToken) . pack("n", strlen($payload)) . $payload;

    if (fwrite($fp, $msg, strlen($msg)) === FALSE)
        echo "can't write to socket!<br />";


result for all token - Connection OK! But the Push Notification is received by only one device! I tried sending different messages but the result did not change :(

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wow!!! ideas!?? – Zaakk Oct 28 '11 at 11:49
Just a (potentially stupid) idea - does the APN gateway support multiple PNs in a single connection? Maybe you should try moving the open/close of stream inside the loop. – mkilmanas Nov 7 '11 at 15:56
nope, its doesn't work. but I found class in google code, in this class implement method this unique Id for messages, but about unique id's in apple documentation nothing about this id... – Zaakk Nov 7 '11 at 16:47
In my case opening and closing the connection inside the loop worked. – Sergio Morstabilini Sep 30 '13 at 13:48
anyone solved this? please help me i m having same problem when i have only one device in db i can send notification but when more then one i cant send – Ravi May 27 '14 at 11:51

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try my code. I test it with 4 devices.

Sorry about the comments that are in spanish.


if (isset($_GET['msj']) and isset($_GET['cupon']) and $_GET['msj'] != '' and $_GET['cupon'] != '') {

    $msj = $_GET['msj'];
    $cupon = $_GET['cupon'];

    echo '<textarea name="textarea" id="textarea" cols="70" rows="10">';

    // Le mandamos el msj a todos los tokens registradosdevice_token
    $sql =  "SELECT * FROM  active_users";
    $resultSql = mysql_query($sql) or die (mysql_error());

    echo "Se enviaran: ".mysql_num_rows($resultSql)." notificaciones" . PHP_EOL;

    $i = 0;
    while($row = mysql_fetch_array($resultSql)) {

        $deviceToken[$i] = $row['token'];

        // Put your private key's passphrase here:
        $passphrase = '****';

        // Put your alert message here:
        $message = $msj;

        $ctx = stream_context_create();
        stream_context_set_option($ctx, 'ssl', 'local_cert', 'ck.pem');
        stream_context_set_option($ctx, 'ssl', 'passphrase', $passphrase);

        // Open a connection to the APNS server
        $fp = stream_socket_client(
            'ssl://', $err,

        if (!$fp)
            exit("Failed to connect: $err $errstr" . PHP_EOL);

        echo 'Connected to APNS' . PHP_EOL;

        // Create the payload body
        $body['aps'] = array(
            'alert' => $message,
            'sound' => 'default',
            'badge' => '+1'
        $body['tags'] = array(
            'cupon' => $cupon

        // Encode the payload as JSON
        $payload = json_encode($body);

        for($i = 0; $i<count($deviceToken); $i++) {

            // Build the binary notification
            $msg = chr(0) . pack('n', 32) . pack('H*', $deviceToken[$i]) . pack('n', strlen($payload)) . $payload;

            // Send it to the server
            $result = fwrite($fp, $msg, strlen($msg));

            if (!$result)
                echo 'Message not delivered' . PHP_EOL;
                echo 'Message successfully delivered' . PHP_EOL;


        // Close the connection to the server

    echo '</textarea>';
    echo 'error #2';

In my active_users DB I have all the tokens. I hope it help

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a little late... but this works for me – spankmaster79 Oct 30 '12 at 16:08
This code is not different from the one in the question (regarding the connection and fwrites) – jptsetung Jul 16 '13 at 8:30

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