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My background is .NET and I am used to being able to set a lifestyle (Singleton, PerInstance...) for my dependencies using things like Castle Windsor.

I have recently moved to a Java project where the code uses @Resource to inject dependencies. I have looked around but cannot find a way to specify a lifestyle. Does the concept exist or am I just rubbish with my searching?

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Resource annotation is used to obtain container managed resource (EJB, JMS Queue, etc.) from JNDI so I think you don't have control over life-cycle and what you call lifestyle.

For some fine-grained application component dependency injection using some CDI framework like Spring or Weld (reference impl. for Java EE 6) is way to go.

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Thanks. Unfortunately I can't move the code to use Spring CDI at the moment so will keep it in mind for next time. –  codemonkey Oct 27 '11 at 16:05

This concept of lifestyle does not exist in native Java. The closest concept I can think of is probably Spring's prototypes / singleton scopes.


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Use Spring dependency injection module. Detailed here

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