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Take this scenario:

To view the company counts of all items, I can write:

@counts = Item.all.collect{|i| i.companies.count}

Is it possible to do a similar thing with .where to return ONLY those items which have count > 0?

@items_with_companies = Item.where{|i| i.companies.count > 0}

For clarity I don't need a specific answer to the above case - I'm looking for a general solution that would allow far more flexibility in my querying than I currently use!

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The most effective way to do it is to add a counter cache column to Item

class Item
  # items must have a column named companies_count
  has_many :companies, :counter_cache => true
  scope :with_companies, where('companies_count>0')

There are other ways, doing subqueries or join & group & count, for instance.

The important thing is, everything you write in where will run in the database, so it's limited to what SQL can do.

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