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Using the sql server project in visual studio 2010, I noticed that if my target database does not exists, I get two things :

  2. PreDeployement & PostDeployement Scripts

However, if the target database exists, I don't get the CREATE DATABASE (which is perfectly fine), but the two scripts (Pre & Post) are not copied to the sql/debug directory. They are referenced in the deploymanifest though.

Is there a way to have my scripts copied even if the target database exists? We have some maintenance stuff in the PreDeployement scripts that needs to be executed before the database update...


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I found the POST & PRE Deployement files.... they are located in my .MDF directory. That's why VSDBCMD cannot include those in the final SQL Script. But why the heck are they deployed there? And how can we force them to be included in the final script? –  Dominic Goulet Oct 27 '11 at 15:00
It seems that it is the build process that copy the file at the wrong place. This has nothing to do with vsdbcmd. –  Dominic Goulet Oct 27 '11 at 15:10

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