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In short i am trying to match a word that is after a particular word.

So i have a String that is

City=New York  

Now i want to select everything after the "Age=" but not including the "Age=".

So in short i only want to select "55". There are new line char at the end of each line. Now i've looked at the Lookaround like

Which doesn't work.

open to suggestion here.

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What you are looking for is "positive lookbehind"

(?<=your pattern)

This looks behind the current location and it needs to match.

So in your case, you want to do:

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Thanks ... I ran the test in Oracle (using REGEXP_SUBSTR), and it still returns null. I even checked a few websites and a Notepad Application with RegExp and it didn't return anything, I quickly knocked something up in Java and it works, so thank you, i am not going crazy –  Ben Oct 27 '11 at 16:47

Try this:


You have to use a lookbehind.

Be aware that non all the regexes have lookbehind (for example Javascript's one doesn't)

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kent$ echo "Name=James  
dquote> Age=55  
dquote> City=New York "|grep -Po "(?<=Age=).*$"
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