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I would like to allow access to a particular method to more than one group of users. Is it possible in Spring Security 3.x to do such a thing using the @Secured annotation? Consider two groups (roles) OPERATOR and USER, would this code be valid:

    @Secured("ROLE_OPERATOR", "ROLE_USER")
    public void doWork() {
        // do useful processing

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You're almost there. Syntactically, you need to write it like this:

public void doWork() { ... }

This is because you're supplying multiple values to a single array attribute of the annotation. (Java syntactically special-cases handing in a single value, but now you need to do it “properly”.)

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@Donal Fellows answer is correct for Spring apps. However, if you're working in Grails, you need to use the Groovy syntax for lists so the code would look like this

public void doWork() { ... }
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