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I'm calling my Django application from the command line with curl. I'm passing json in the request and collecting a response in json as well.

I have the Django debug toolbar installed. Is there a way I could capture the SQL via the toolbar and return it with the rest of the json response?

Something like

def index(request):
        ids = json.loads(request.read())['ids']
    except ValueError:
        return HttpResponseBadRequest

    listing = MyModel.public().filter(id__in=[c.split('-')[0] for c in ids])

    prep_list = [ l.details(request) for l in listing ]

    return {'status_code': 0,
            'status_text': 'success',
            'sql_query_list: DjangoDebugToolbar.sql()
            'prep_list': prep_list }

Any idea what I'd put in replacement of DjangoDebugToolbar.sql()?

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Try this:

from django.db import connection  

you can get de last query doing:

print connection.queries[-1]


print connection.queries.pop
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Perfect, thanks! –  Mark L Oct 27 '11 at 17:24

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