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I would like to extract the coordinates (latitude, longitude) and some properties like name and colour of Autocad files. I may do this from a Java program.

From Autocad, which is the right format to export to so I can programmatically parse the file, look for objects and get their properties? (coordinates, name, colour...)

I know Autocad DWG format is a propietary binary file that changes its format every 3 years, so I need to find a file format to export to that allow me to read it easily.


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DXF is what you're looking for. It's a documented format for drawing exchange in plain text.


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What about a library in php or java that parses a DXF file? Any experience on that? –  Hectoret Nov 8 '11 at 8:24
Not sure what that link used to point to, but does not go to any DXF related information. –  crashmstr Jul 10 at 14:49
Link was broken (thank you Autodesk). Fixed. –  Maxence Jul 10 at 18:09

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