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we want to set up a Media Server Streaming Service, which implies recording and live streaming and some other features.

I read some documentation and posts and some people recommends S3 as storage service because is "use & forget" or easy to use or some other advantages against EC2 that I don't remember now (Please tell me about them).

I'm unsure of which Amazon Service I need to use, in case of storage, I don't know if I need to use EBS or S3 for storage.

The Wowza's AMIs are store-backed, so I think I would need to convert them to EBS-backed AMI to have persistent images, and save configuration. So, should I need to have an EBS persistent image, but having a S3 as storage also? Is this convenient or I should forget S3 and use only EBS volumes and get concentrated with EC2 service?

What about CloudFront? Could be supportive in this kind of project?

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S3 would be a good solution. As you can use s3fs to mount the same bucket on multiple load balanced wowza servers.

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