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Possible Duplicate:
Access C++ shared library from Java: JNI, JNA, CNI, or SWIG?
Calling a C, C++ program from Java

Is there anyway I could call a c++ method from Java. I have a c++ method in an application that transforms data and I would like the same transformation of data in Java. I am trying to rewrite the code but I was checking if I could somehow send input and get output from the current c++ code. Thanks.

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You could write a JNI wrapper for the C++ function. That'll enable you to call the function from Java.

An alternative is to use SWIG. That should take care of much of the low-level machinery needed to get this working.

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And you forgot to mention JNA – AlexR Oct 27 '11 at 16:51

Yes you can, but you need to export you C++ function call so it can be accessed. You can then use the "Native" keyword in Java to call the function.

Here is a good tutorial on JNI (Java Native Interface, the C/C++ API for the Java virtual machine) and the use of the Native keyword (The information you need is on pages 1 and 2):

I hope this information helps.

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