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The title is my question. Why is a connection required to use that method? I've been using pdo::quote to generate sql statements (I know that you're supposed to use prepared statements but those are a drag to cache) and then I use that sql to create a key to memcached. The problem is that only the use of quote creates a connection to the db, which I'm trying to avoid. Any ideas?


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You need a connection because the notion of escaping variables only makes sense when in the context of a database connection with respect to which they are to be escaped. Different characters might be interpreted differently, say, by MySQL and PostgreSQL, or depending on the character set of the connection. So it does not make sense to talk about escaping variables in a vacuum, you need some notion of how the resulting string will be interpreted.

Maybe you could use something else as a key to memcached.

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I know it doesn't make sense to talk about escaping in a vacuum, but to make a connection to the db just for quoting seems like an overkill. I understand that it needs db parameters, but those are in the PDO constructor. I'm using postgresql... I think I'll use a custom quote when the connection is not already created –  andrés Oct 27 '11 at 17:34

Because PDO is an abstraction layer, and each database's quoting methods differ. PDO must know WHICH database you're going to be using to be able to use the proper quoting/escaping API calls.

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