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I'm using antlr3-maven-plugin (v.3.3) with Maven 3. It has only one goal named antlr wchich, due to documentation:

Binds by default to the lifecycle phase: generate-sources

However when I invoke mvn generate-sources the goal is never invoked. I need to invoke the next phase, mvn process-sources to activate this goal. What is going on.

Also, for me logging in mvn3 kinda sucks. I can't even see wchich goals was invoked in which phases, all I see is something like:

[INFO] --- antlr3-maven-plugin:3.3:antlr (default) @ project ---

But there is not info about the phase it happened, even if I execute Maven with -X flag! In mvn2 there was always info about current phase. Why such strange decision to reduce info in logs was taken by Maven team?

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I'm only running mvn2, I just checked its definitely on generating on process-sources. Either a mistake in the docs or an error in the plugin implementation. – nuzz Oct 28 '11 at 1:04
@nuzz Thanks a lot for confirming it! So I will file an issue! – Piotr Sobczyk Nov 1 '11 at 12:06

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