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I want to create one user (admin) and I want to use console (without user registration model). I use solution from RailsCasts ( But I have one problem: when I do User.create(..., :password => "pass") in console my password stored in database without encription (like "pass"). And I can't login with my data.

How can I create user from console? :)

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Straight from the Rails API

# Schema: User(name:string, password_digest:string)
class User < ActiveRecord::Base

user = => "david", :password => "", :password_confirmation => "nomatch")                                                      # => false, password required
user.password = "mUc3m00RsqyRe"                                                      # => false, confirmation doesn't match
user.password_confirmation = "mUc3m00RsqyRe"                                                      # => true
user.authenticate("notright")                                  # => false
user.authenticate("mUc3m00RsqyRe")                             # => user

You need to include :password_confirmation => "pass in your hash!

Right, so taking a look at has_secure_password you want to perform BCrypt::Password.create(unencrypted_password) to obtain it. You'll need the bcrypt-ruby gem to do the above.

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Thanks! I forgot about BCrypt, it works well without password confirmation too :) – ANATHEM Oct 27 '11 at 18:08
Awesome, glad to hear it =) – Michael De Silva Oct 27 '11 at 18:09

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