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I have two questions, one is about name of tag in Twig code syntax, and other one is about how to modify this tag.

Tag: {{ 'Some text' }} or {{ "Some text" }}

In both examples it will display "Some text", but I want to use my function (translate() ) before display. I don't know where I should search in code, because I don't even know name this tag.

I want to translate parsed text before display, e.g.: {{ 'Some text' }} -> <?php echo translate('Some text'); ?>

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Make your own Twig extenstion. Tutorial is available here and here. It's the most elegant way.


class Translate_Twig_Extension extends Twig_Extension
    public function getFunctions()
        return array(
            'translate' => \Twig_Function_Method($this, 'translate', array('is_safe' => array('html'))) 

    public function translate($text)
        // do the magic, return translated text


{{ translate('some text') }}
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