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For an internal website, I'm trying to show an inline video of an avi file on the network.

<video class="VideoTagLink" src="file://\\network\path\file.avi" controls="controls"></video>

In IE9 I get a red X and Chrome only shows a play button -- is this a supported scenario in HTML 5?

edit: I have changed my html to this:

<video class="VideoTagLink" controls="controls">
<source src="http://localhost:99/Handlers/GetVideo?path=\\network\path\file.avi" type="video/x-msvideo">

and my handler is just:

public ActionResult GetVideo(string path)
        return base.File(path, "video/x-msvideo");

So I believe i'm sending the right content type. I verified in IIS that *.avi is mapped to video/x-msvideo. If I navigate to that src URL directly in either browser, I get a download prompt for the video file, so I assume that works fine.

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See HTML5 Video Error - Internet Explorer 9. This happens because IE9 cannot determine the content type, and your file server is not sending a Content-Type header.

If you serve the file via HTTP, you can configure your web server to specify the correct content type.

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