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I really like visualVM and think it's a great tool. However, after running for about an hour the graphs (cpu, mem, and others) start jumping around and requires a restart. I suspect this has something to do with the app trying to sample the dataset because there is too much data to show on the graph.

I've searched the issues list and don't see this listed. Given that's it's behaved like this for as long as I've used it and that others are complaining about it, I'm wondering if it's intended behavior. I guess that's the first question.

The second would be, why is it keeping all the data points, why not throw the oldest point away when a new point arrives and the buffer is full?

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For the first question see this: http://java.net/projects/visualvm/lists/dev/archive/2011-02/message/7. For second question: VisualVM does not keep all the data points, it throws the oldest point away when a new point arrives and the buffer is full. How did you came to the conclusion, that keeps all data.

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