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I am looking for a way to produce the jQuery mobile horizontal page transition effect on a mobile site without using the full JQuery lib. Does anyone know of a solution using a much smaller stripped down specific JS script? We are trying to keep file sizes to a minimum.

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I found a decent solution to this. Check out 'Non-Jquery Page Transitions lightweight' by fasw.

Demo here: http://www.fasw.ws/demos/transitions1/slide1.html

And source here: http://www.fasw.ws/faswwp/non-jquery-page-transitions-lightweight/

This is 1.7k of JS producing transitions that are just like those produced by the whole mobile jQuery Lib.

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Will these transitions override jQueryMobile if I include both scripts? I am having trouble with the horribly shaky, blinky, flickery page and dialog transitions in jQM. –  Wytze Mar 28 '12 at 17:09

I had the exact same question; take a look at the accepted answer by Jasper on my post here.

You could also look at the decoupled widgets here.

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Just what I needed, thanks! –  youare Oct 27 '11 at 23:16

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