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Exactly like my title states i need a query that removes the first chracter from [Parameter_Value] into [Parameter_Flag] if the first character is the letter L. Otherwise it remains unchanged. There are no blank values in [Parameter_Value] as they have already been removed.

i thought of a way . but it requires bring all the entires with L using the criteria Like"L*" into another table. and then removing the first characters of each field while adding an L to the [parameter_flag] column. usign the criteria NOT like "L*" to get the rest of the values in another table. and then combine the two.

Is there a more effiecient way?

enter image description here

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hey! i made sure there were no other characters jsut upper case L. Thank you! –  Chaostryder Oct 27 '11 at 19:58

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I'm rusty on my Access (JET) SQL, but I think is what you want:

UPDATE table
SET Parameter_Flag = "L",
    Parameter_Value = MID(Parameter_value, 2)
WHERE Parameter_Value LIKE "L*"
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The * wildcard character only works in ANSI-89 Query Mode ("traditional mode"). Perhaps safer to use ALIKE, which uses the same Standard wildcard characters regardless of Query Mode e.g.

UPDATE table
   SET Parameter_Flag = 'L',
       Parameter_Value = MID$(Parameter_value, 2)
 WHERE Parameter_Value ALIKE 'L%';
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