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How can I check if a certain root in a wx.TreeCtrl object has a certain child or not?

I am writing manual functions to update TreeCtrl every time a child is added by user.Is there a way to automate this?

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You might want to consider storing the data in some other easily-searchable structure, and using the TreeCtrl just to display it. Otherwise, you can iterate over the children of a TreeCtrl root item like this:

def item_exists(tree, match, root):
    item, cookie = tree.GetFirstChild(root)

    while item.IsOk():
        if tree.GetItemText(item) == match:
            return True
        #if tree.ItemHasChildren(item):
        #    if item_exists(tree, match, item):
        #        return True
        item, cookie = tree.GetNextChild(root, cookie)
    return False

result = item_exists(tree, 'some text', tree.GetRootItem())

Uncommenting the commented lines will make it a recursive search.

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A nicer way to handle recursive tree traversal is to wrap it in a generator object, which you can then re-use to perform any operation you like on your tree nodes:

def walk_branches(tree,root):
    """ a generator that recursively yields child nodes of a wx.TreeCtrl """
    item, cookie = tree.GetFirstChild(root)
    while item.IsOk():
        yield item
        if tree.ItemHasChildren(item):
        item,cookie = tree.GetNextChild(root,cookie)

for node in walk_branches(my_tree,my_root):
    # do stuff
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