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Is there a basic calendar display in R, like Unix's cal program?

I realize it's not that hard to wrap the base date/time functions (like weekdays,, etc.), but I feel like I'm ignorant of something pretty basic that may be solved in one of the outstanding time/date packages that already exist. Moreover, it always starts simply enough: assign days of the week, but then one gets to leap years, layout for calendars spanning multiple months (though I'd settle for just printing 1 month), and so on.

My current usage involves switching out of R to Linux or a calendar program in Windows. Doing this in R would be easier.

Note 1. I've looked at some of the various widgets available for Gtk2 and TclTk - for some reason, installation of supporting systems is not working out well (and I think it's serious overkill, nor is it very good from a portability perspective to have such dependencies). In Windows, I've even tried Cygwin, to access cal, but that installation seems to be conflicting with Rtools. In short, adding layers of stuff is not a particularly productive avenue at the moment. :) I've not found any solutions in lubridate, xts, zoo, and other packages, though I may have missed something.

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How about system('cal')? – kohske Oct 27 '11 at 17:39
@kohske -- That's OS-dependent. Works on UNIX, but not on Windows... – Josh O'Brien Oct 27 '11 at 17:41
Exactly. That's why this is a comment, not an answer. – kohske Oct 27 '11 at 17:43
@kohske Yep, in addition to being ignorant of R, I didn't want to admit that I sometimes run R on Windows. It seems I can never fully hide my shame. :) – Iterator Oct 27 '11 at 17:47
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Here is a function that will do the basic yearly or monthly calendar:

cal <- function(month, year) {

        if(!require(chron)) stop('Unable to load chron package')

     if(missing(year) && missing(month)) {
         tmp <-
         year <- tmp$year
         month <- tmp$month

    if(missing(year) || missing(month)){  # year calendar
        if(missing(year)) year <- month
        tmp <- seq.dates( from=julian(1,1,year), to=julian(12,31,year) )
        tmp2 <-
        wd <-, tmp2)
        for(i in 1:12){
            w <- tmp2$month == i
            cs <- cumsum(wd[w]==0)
            if(cs[1] > 0) cs <- cs - 1
            nr <- max( cs ) + 1
            plot.window( xlim=c(0,6), ylim=c(0,nr+1) )
            text( wd[w], nr - cs -0.5 , tmp2$day[w] )
            title([i] )
            text( 0:6, nr+0.5, c('S','M','T','W','T','F','S') )

    } else {  # month calendar

        ld <- seq.dates( from=julian(month,1,year), length=2, by='months')[2]-1
        days <- seq.dates( from=julian(month,1,year), to=ld)
        tmp <-
        wd <-, tmp)
        cs <- cumsum(wd == 0)
        if(cs[1] > 0) cs <- cs - 1
        nr <- max(cs) + 1
        for(i in seq_len(wd[1])){ 
        } <- c('Sun','Mon','Tues','Wed','Thur','Fri','Sat')
        for(i in tmp$day){
            text(0,1, i, adj=c(0,1))
            if(i < 8) mtext([wd[i]+1], line=0.5,
                at=grconvertX(0.5,to='ndc'), outer=TRUE ) 
        mtext([month], line=2.5, at=0.5, cex=1.75, outer=TRUE)
        #box('inner') #optional 

You can edit various pieces to customize it. You can use par(mfg=c(r,c)) to add text, plots, or other info to a given cell in the monthly calendar (see updateusr and subplot in the TeachingDemos package for possible aid in adding a plot).

Here are some examples of adding text or plots to the calendar:

par(mfg=c(3,2))  # monday oct 10
text(.5,.5, 'Some\nText', cex=2)

par(mfg=c(2,3)) #Tues oct 4
text(1,1, 'Top Right', adj=c(1,1))

par(mfg=c(2,4)) # Wed oct 5
text(0,0, 'Bottom Left', adj=c(0,0))

par(mfg=c(6,2)) # oct 31
tmp.x <- runif(25)
tmp.y <- rnorm(25,tmp.x,.1)
par(usr=c( range(tmp.x), range(tmp.y) ) )
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+1 That is very cool. That also introduces a lot of functions that I was unaware of. – Iterator Oct 27 '11 at 20:07
Looks like this is the best answer I'll get, but I only need one. :) I encourage you to put it in a little package - it's very useful, or in your own TeachingDemos package. I am surprised that I'm not already familiar with this one. Thanks! – Iterator Oct 29 '11 at 1:32
@Greg thanks for posting. Very useful. – Tyler Rinker Oct 29 '11 at 1:59
A plot of the day! I love it. I could log the best plot I've made each day and present it in my own calendar. That could (and should?) inspire me to do more and better plots. – Iterator Nov 1 '11 at 14:39
I have taken the above suggestions and added a modified version (does not use chron anymore) to the TeachingDemos package (currently only the version on R-forge, not on CRAN yet). It also now returns a function that if run with a day of the month number will set the current plotting frame to the corresponding day. – Greg Snow Dec 7 '11 at 18:12

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