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I am building a prototype of a static analysis tool, for which I intend to use eclipse to do the heavy lifting. How can I check what annotations are applied on a method when I visit the declaration using the ASTVisitor. I am interested in only certain methods of the class under analysis, and I am thinking of marking them using annotations

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Try ASTView plugin (, this helps to visualize the AST of a source file and also helps to figure out which nodes to visit.

You would probably want to override the following in ASTVisitor

  • visit(MarkerAnnotation annotation)
  • visit(SingleMemberAnnotation annotation)
  • visit(NormalAnnotation annotation)

Or you may visit only method declarations and get the annotations via MethodDeclaration.MODIFIERS2_PROPERTY.

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Thanks! But isn’t MethodDeclaration.MODIFIERS2_PROPERTY the same as node.modifiers()? – akuhn Nov 4 '12 at 14:41

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