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I am tryin to run the cassandra word count example on eclipse. I have loaded all the requisite jar files. But i am still getting some errors, in

TNonblockingServer.Args serverArgs = new TNonblockingServer.Args(serverTransport).inputTransportFactory(inTransportFactory) .outputTransportFactory(outTransportFactory) .inputProtocolFactory(tProtocolFactory) .outputProtocolFactory(tProtocolFactory) .processor(processor); It throws the compilation error: TNonblockingServer.Args cannot be resolved to a type

Can somebody tell if i am missing any file to be linked?

Thanks for the help.

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Sounds like you don't have lib/*.jar on your runtime classpath, or less likely you have an old Thrift jar somewhere else that's getting used instead of the right one.

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Thanks for the reply. I guess i had the old jar file. I downloaded the new thrift package and linked it to my project. It did not show the error after that. – user1000070 Oct 28 '11 at 23:11

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