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I am creating a variable called "size" and trying to assign a value to it from gawk positional variable. But, that does not seem to work. In the example below, I am trying to store the value of field 4 into a variable "size". When I print the variable size, entire line is printed instead just the filed 4.

How can I save the filed value into a variable for later use?

prompt>  echo "Live in a big city" | gawk '/Live/ {size=$4; print $size}'

The following is outputted: Live in a big city

I would like to see just this:


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Leave out the dollar sign. awk is like C, not like shell or perl, where you don't need any extra punctuation to dereference a variable. You only use a dollar sign to get the value of the n'th field on the current line.

echo "Live in a big city" | gawk '/Live/ {size=$4; print size}'

The reason you get the whole line printed is this: the awk variable size is assigned the value big. Then, in the print statement, awk dereferences the size variable and attempts print $big. The string "big" is interpreted as an integer and, as it does not begin with any digits, it is treated as the number 0. So you get print $0, and hence the complete line.

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