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I'm using Jsoup to try to clean up pretty much all the html from a document but white list a span tag with a specific class.

I've got this, but obviously this ends allowing all spans with attr class

String html = "<p><strong>Lorem ipsum dolor<br /> sit amet</strong></p>"+
"<span class=\"killme\">Aenean</span> quam sem" +
"<span class=\"whitelistme\">lacinia molestie</span> nibh mattis ";

String clean = Jsoup.clean(html, 
                     .addAttributes("span", "class"));

Is there a way to clean all html except the <span class="whitelistme"> ?

so my end result will be

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet
Aenean quam sem
<span class="whitelistme">lacinia molestie</span> nibh mattis
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Sticking to Jsoup solution, you can try following steps, but it is hardcode:

  1. Extract all value elements from text to a list.
  2. Extract all values from span elements to another list.
  3. Modify text values with appended mark, like OMG_value.
  4. Remove all html tags from text.
  5. Iterate and replace all OMG_values with value from saved list.

If you find another solution - stick to it. This is a hardcode savior from your cruel CEO.

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Thanks D1e, indeed this will make the trick, but as you mention this is hardcoded. I was expecting something along the lines the jquery selector way, something like .clean(".whitelistme").. – maverick Oct 31 '11 at 16:12
You can also try tweaking some source code, if it is legal of course. Use clean() method as an example to implement your own method like clean(EnumHtml.Tag... excludes). – JMelnik Nov 2 '11 at 14:17
yep, it's on public git, I might give it a try to that one. bTW, I'll give you the credit on this one. Thanks – maverick Nov 2 '11 at 19:52

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