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I am using the great TTR package quite often these days. It really is does most of the things I ever imagined I would need. I would like to use VWAP function with a little addition to its current functionality. I would like to get standard deviation (sd) bands around VWAP. How to do that in the most (computationally) effective way?

All ideas/hints/pointers to resources highly appreciated.

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Just use Bollinger Bands (BBands) on the result from VWAP:

v <- VWAP(Cl(SPY),Vo(SPY))
b <- BBands(v)
lines(b[,'dn'], col='red')
lines(b[,'mavg'], col='blue')
lines(b[,'up'], col='red')
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Joshua, thank you. –  user947967 Oct 28 '11 at 12:38

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