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I am creating an Android app, and I have a button with a custom background image behind it. The background image is just a rectangle, but now the button text does not seem to be centered vertically. Here is my xml for the button:

android:text="SAVE TO LIST"

and I set the background here:

ImageView button_bg = (ImageView)findViewById(R.id.button_background);

Is there a where to change the position of the text within a button?

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android:layout_gravity defines layout alignment inside it's parent. To align text within the button you need android:gravity, for example

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Your button is too short to fit the text properly. Increase the layout_height and the text should be centered.

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Your text likely has some padding built into the font as part of each letter, and that is why your text is being pushed in one direction. Set the layout_height to "wrap_content" and your text should now be centered correctly.

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I found it best to use a 9 patch image for a rectangular background rather than an xml drawable.

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You can set the gravity to center:

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