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I have a large WPF application that makes use of a custom C# library all developed in VS 2008 Professional. What is the best way to find memory leaks and otherwise put the application through a profiler?

I cant use the "Analyze" tools because that's not a part of my VS edition (WTF?) and I've only been able to find the WPFPerf tool that is nice but doesn't give a lot of empirical data on the performance of my application. What other tools/practices should I be looking at?

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For performance profiling you could use one of freeware compilers.

EQATEC is a good profiler with freeware variant. Has some limitation in free version though.

SlimTune is a very nice open source performance profiler.

As for memory profiling, I haven't used any free ones but you could take a look at CLR Profiler for .NET Framework 4 (CLRProfiler V4 Released).

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I've used the CLR Profiler for .NET to good effect - not the nicest of UIs (but you don't get 'owt for nowt as we say up north). –  Shaun Wilde Oct 27 '11 at 23:29

dotTrace made by JetBrains (maker of ReSharper) is pretty good.

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Try the standalone profiler for VS 2008. You can do performance profiling and GC profiling. The 2010 version can profile thread usage as well. Here are a some links on how to use it:

Data collection is done via command line but you can analyze the profiler logs in Visual Studio.

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