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I used lucene's ExtractWikipedia tool to extract a bz2 dump of the latest english wiki pages. The resulting .txt files still have the wikipedia markup language in them. Is there a tool or python script that I can run over the directory to only parse out the content from each file in the directory? (ie: modify the files so that they only contain content, no markup)

Alternatively, is there a java library or package which can accomplish this? I'm hoping to integrate it into the Lucene class, ExtractWikipedia.

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you can try this a wikiprep it's a ready perl script that (you will need to install perl first )

  • removes the wikimarkup language
  • generate heirarchial categories
  • removes redirections
  • generates an XML format that's easily to parse


it may take some couple of hours to run over all wikipedia dumb and may need a large memory about 6GB ram

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