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How can I to know if resource file is loaded by a page using Javascript?

For example some .css, js or other sort of sort of file?

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It depends on whether you're adding the files dynamically. I'll explain for JavaScript files.

Either use this piece of code to load an external file:

var scriptElem = document.createElement("script");

scriptElem.onload = function() {

scriptElem.src = "test.js";


Or if you're adding them through HTML, you can make the script file reflect the fact it's been loaded with a variable. E.g. in test.js:

// ...rest of file...

window.testLoaded = true;

You can then check for window.testLoaded === true anywhere on the page.

For CSS files you can also use the first technique, but of course not the second. It might be possible to define a stub definition for a class .test, then create an element with that class and check whether it has a certain style that you set in the CSS file.

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ok, thanks, I'll try –  WHITECOLOR Oct 27 '11 at 21:23

Use jQuery.ready event which means that all the page has been setup and then you start executing your JavaScript logic

   //your code

If you have the need to load stuff asynchronously then you should use your JavaScript code to load it like the example of loading a script:

$.getScript("http://.../some.js", function(){
  //script loaded and hooked on the page; your custom logic here

For anything more complex I'd suggest some dependency management system like requireJS.

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