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In lift, I have a page that accepts a few files to be uploaded, and then processes the files (which takes around a minute+) I don't want to make users wait the full minute just to see another page, so I decided to put the processing work into a Future object. My end goal is to send the user a link to the results page once the processing is done.

Here's the gist of my code:

Futures.future {
  val linkXml = makeLinkToResults
  println("Hey I'm done!")

The problem I get is that any S-related stuff done within the Future doesn't seem to work. The work finishes and I see the "Hey I'm done" in the console, but get no notice.

How can I get a "completion" notice to the user (even if they've navigated away from the upload page) ?

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You should look at Lift's CometActors and sending a message to the appropriate CometActor from the Future. Or you might just want to drop the Future entirely and just use Actors.

Be aware that there are a few gotchas (e.g. not having access to S) but it sounds like your CometActor can just return a normal response. I just checked the wiki, and apparently you do have access to S.notice within your CometActor.

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+1 for now, I will try this out when I get to work tomorrow. –  Dylan Oct 28 '11 at 0:49

Here is an article that shows how to do what you are asking using comet actors post

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