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I have defined a custom Action in Open Graph which takes as its Object the built-in type Profile. Basically it is a player v player game, and you can "Beat" another player when you win.

In the Graph API explorer, I am able to submit calls fine if I set my profile parameter using the person's username, e.g.

    profile =

But I can't figure out any format that works if all I have is the profile id. None of the following work:

    profile =
    profile =
    profile = https//
    profile = 1232123123

They all give "An unexpected error has occurred. Please retry your request later"

What is the correct format for profile URLs using IDs?

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To clarify, I'm trying to do a call like: – Gavin Adrian Oct 28 '11 at 11:12‌​32&access_token=... But it doesn't work unless I use the username instead of user id – Gavin Adrian Oct 28 '11 at 11:19

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I think the answer may be in the documentation.

Note that the section heading read "Profile (External)". The URL that worked for you leads to the externally visible profile for the user. I found that I could put the user id, as well as an externally visible profile link like yours, (, in the sample object in the Open Graph dashboard for my application without causing a parser error. The action however, did not do anything with the user id value. When I changed the sample value to a non-existent user id, I received a parsing error.

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This one is correct: profile = https//

Though you are missing a colon: profile =

That just gives user info. Depending on what you want you may need to add a /feed or whatever you want. See

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No that doesn't work. I'm not trying to use the Graph API to retrieve a profile, I'm trying to use the new Open Graph API, and pass in a profile URL as the Object for an Action. – Gavin Adrian Oct 28 '11 at 11:10

No-one seemed to have an answer for this. The format would have seemed the most likely, but redirects and so perhaps that is the issue.

Also, appears that the built-in Profile type had other issues as it appeared in the OAuth Dialog as a "musician", so our game claimed to allow you to "beat musicians". I guess it was added for Spotify integration, and isn't really quite working yet.

Anyway, I eventually went with another solution which was to make my own Object type called "opponent" and dynamically create Open Graph pages at URLs like More work, but works correctly and means clicking on an "opponent" links to a page on our site rather than a user Facebook page, which is more useful anyway.

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I believe this is a bug. I have create a bug in their bug tracking system.

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