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I want to make a series of maps, such as map1, map1, map3, etc... and I want to do this with a loop. This does not work:

for (i = 1; i++){

    def map[ i ]

how can I make this happen?

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Why did this post get -3 votes? Because of the missing clause? – blaughli Nov 15 '11 at 18:19

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In groovy, maps need any number of key/value pairs. Also, your for-loop is missing a clause. Try this:

maps = [] // A list which will store maps.
for (i=0; i<10; i++) {
  maps[i] = [i:i]
maps[0] // => [i:0]
maps[1] // => [i:1] ...
maps[9] // => [i:9]
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'maps' in this case would be a List, not an Array – tim_yates Oct 27 '11 at 22:09
hey thanks, this gets at what I'm after! But to go deeper, say I want multiple 'maps' like the "Array which will store maps" you defined above... How to do that? – blaughli Oct 27 '11 at 22:14
@tim_yates: right, fixed that comment. thanks. – maerics Oct 27 '11 at 22:16
Also, maps with no keys are perfectly valid. The phrase '..any number of key/value pairs..' seems to suggest you have to have at least one... But that might just be me being overly picky ;-) – tim_yates Oct 27 '11 at 22:19

You could do:

def listOfMaps = (1..10).collect { [:] }

That will make a list containing 10 maps

If that's not what you want, you are going to have to explain what you are trying to do ;-)

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