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How to extract an NSUInteger index from

NSRange range = [string rangeOfString: substring]

so I can write this index in [array objectAtIndex:index]?

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// make sure that the substring was actually found:
NSRange result = [string rangeOfString:substring];

if (result.location != NSNotFound)
    // make sure that the index exists in the array
    if (result.location < [array count])
        id someObj = [array objectAtIndex:result.location];
        // do something cool with someObj here
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NSRange range = [string rangeOfString:substring];
NSUInteger index = range.location;
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range.location returns a really big number if that substring is found in the way beginning of that string. Why is this? –  coolcool1994 Aug 16 '13 at 16:44

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