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I am new to QT.. I would like to connect to a listening server and transmit some data. I looked at the examples available but they seem to have extra functions that do not seem very helpful to me (connect, fortune, etc..)

QTcpSocket t;
t.connectToHost("", 9000);

Assuming the server is listening and robust.. What do I need to send QByteArray of "data" variable.

Much appreciated.

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very simple with QTcpSocket. Begin as you did...

void MainWindow::connectTcp()
    QByteArray data; // <-- fill with data

    _pSocket = new QTcpSocket( this ); // <-- needs to be a member variable: QTcpSocket * _pSocket;
    connect( _pSocket, SIGNAL(readyRead()), SLOT(readTcpData()) );

    _pSocket->connectToHost("", 9000);
    if( _pSocket->waitForConnected() ) {
        _pSocket->write( data );

void MainWindow::readTcpData()
    QByteArray data = pSocket->readAll();

Be aware, though, that for reading from the TcpSocket you may receive the data in more than one transmission, ie. when the server send you the string "123456" you may receive "123" and "456". It is your responsibility to check whether the transmission is complete. Unfortunately, this almost always results in your class being stateful: the class has to remember what transmission it is expecting, whether it has started already and if it's complete. So far, I haven't figured out an elegant way around that.

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Much obliged Robin, Could you provide some code for receiving data? –  user990246 Oct 28 '11 at 4:51
Sure. I edited my answer accordingly. –  Robin Oct 28 '11 at 11:02
Thank you sir!! –  user990246 Oct 28 '11 at 17:50

In my case I was reading xml data, and sometimes I would not get all in one packet. Here is an elegant solution. WaitForReadyRead could also have a time out in it and then some extra error checking in case that timeout is reached. In my case I should never receive an incomplete xml, but if it did happen this would lock the thread up indefinetly without the timeout:

while(!xml.atEnd()) {

    QXmlStreamReader::TokenType t = xml.readNext();

    if(xml.error()) {
        if(xml.error() == QXmlStreamReader::PrematureEndOfDocumentError) {
            cout << "reading extra data" << endl;
            cout << "extra data successful" << endl;
        }  else {
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