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Possible Duplicate:
32 bit hex to 32 bit floating point (IEEE 754) conversion in matlab

I am trying to test the functionality of a filter written in VHDL, the input of this filter is a single precision floating point number. To do this I want to convert an array of real numbers in MATLAB, representing a sine wave to an array of hexadecimal representation of floating point numbers. Apply this array to the filter and convert the output to real values.

I.e. I need a function to perform the following -3.48 = 0x"C05EB851", the function performed on this site and it's inverse.

Does anyone have a MATLAB function/m-file to perform this operation? any help is greatly appreciated


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another similar question: Convert Hex to single precision – Amro Oct 28 '11 at 1:05
Both those similar questions seem to be termed the other way around (hex->float). Although the answer to this question is stated in the question part of one of those question! – Martin Thompson Oct 28 '11 at 8:26
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>> help num2hex
 NUM2HEX Convert singles and doubles to IEEE hexadecimal strings.
    If X is a single or double precision array with n elements,
    NUM2HEX(X) is an n-by-8 or n-by-16 char array of the hexadecimal
    floating point representation.  The same representation is printed
    with FORMAT HEX.

Let's try your example:

>> num2hex(single(-3.48))

ans =


close enough?

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Ya perfect should do the job thanks, and for the inverse I will use typecast(uint32(hex2dec('c05eb852')),'single'); – melinnde Oct 28 '11 at 11:38

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