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i want to paint a graphics2D component off screen then take part of it and show on screen for a live updating image, so buffered image takes to long.

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Use setDoubleBuffered( true ); in your JPanel. That pains it offscreen, and when it's done painting offscreen, it will be shown on the JPanel. You won't get black/unpainted frames anymore when using this.

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Look into BufferCapabilities (and related classes), as well as the graphics concept of MultipleBuffering.

Also, it's probably not BufferedImage that is slow, it's how the rendering pipeline utilizes (or doesn't utilize) the available hardware acceleration.

If, by chance, you're building a game, or some other app that needs high-speed rendering that takes advantage of hardware acceleration in Java, you'd be well served to start with a library that takes care of these details for you, like Slick2D.

One of the other really nice things about Slick2D is that it's cross platform, and takes care of the rendering performance details for you, because the actual rendering pipeline changes between platforms, JVM versions, and hardware (depending on the available features that are exposed to Java), and that's just a lot of details and trial/error you don't want to figure out on your own. BIG time sink.

LWGJL (the library that enables Slick2D's graphics performance) basically completely sidesteps Java2D, to enable this. There's some interesting reading in there if you want to dig deep.

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Thanks for the info and the links! 1+ –  Hovercraft Full Of Eels Oct 28 '11 at 1:29

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