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I want to use an static function from a protocol in a function:

    @implementation IPadPanoramaViewController
    - (void)viewDidLoad
     [self.view addSubview:[PanoramaContent getPanoramaContentByPanoramaItem:[[PanoramaListItem alloc] init]]; 
     [super viewDidLoad];

        @protocol PanoramaItemProtocol

        + (UIView *) getPanoramaItemBySection;


        @implementation PanoramaContent
    + (UIView *) getPanoramaContentByPanoramaItem:(id<PanoramaItemProtocol>) itemKind {

                return [itemKind getPanoramaItemBySection]; //here is the problem "unrecognized selector sent to instance"

I wish "PanoramaListItem" don't be a NSObject

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What's "PanoramaListItem"? You don't use it in your example code. –  rob mayoff Oct 28 '11 at 1:37

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The problem is that you've defined getPanoramaBySection to be a class method, when you're calling it on an instance. In the protocol declaration, replace the + with a -.

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First, static methods can only be sent to a class. If you don't want to create an object, the parameter of getPanoramaContentByPanoramaItem: should be of type Class. You can use something like the following:

 + (UIView *) getPanoramaContentByPanoramaItem:(Class)itemKind {
     UIView *v = nil;
     if( [itemKind respondsToSelector:@selector(getPanoramaItemBySection)] ) {
         v = [itemKind getPanoramaItemBySection];
     return v;

and to send the message:

[self.view addSubview:[PanoramaContent getPanoramaContentByPanoramaItem:[PanoramaListItem class]]];
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