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I've been playing around with the Notepad++ regular expression engine, but there's something I can't make work, it's the explicit quantifier notation.

I've seen some other posts here where the following syntax is used : (expr){1,2}

However, when I use it in a test as simple as k{1,1} where the text to search is k : there is no match. I tried a lot of syntax's : {1,}, {1}, etc. Am I missing something here ?

Please excuse my bad english, and thanks for your answers !

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Starting with version 6.0, Notepad++ supports PCRE (source). Quantifiers will work as expected in these versions.

The regex engine of Notepad++ 5.9.8 and lower does not support quantifiers (source).

You can, however, use the following quantifiers:

  • k*, which is equivalent to k{0,}.
  • k+, which is equivalent to k{1,}.
  • k?, which is equivalent to k{0,1}.

If you want other quantifiers, you can combine the above methods.


  • kkk+ emulates k{3,}
  • kkkk?k? emulates k{3,5}
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Thanks for your answer ! disappointing, as it makes me build loooong expressions, but at least now I know for sure :) –  igelineau Oct 28 '11 at 11:57
Notepad++ is based on Scintilla, which uses old school POSIX regexes and these quantifiers didn't work there. –  NullUserException Oct 31 '13 at 16:22
@Dennis Never mind, I confused myself with a complex regex I was working on. –  Techrocket9 Sep 4 '14 at 21:17

Notepad++'s regular expression system does not appear to support that feature. They do support k+ and k*.

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