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I tried to use a copied script, which includes the following command

echo "rc  $2" > $WORKDIR/out.dat

I can guess it tries to output some contents to file out.dat. But what does "rc $2" mean?

It also includes

echo "PWD" >> $WORKDIR/env.txt

Why it uses >> here instead of >

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"rc" means nothing here and neither does "PWD". They are just strings. They presumably mean something in out.dat and env.txt, though. The "$2" is a reference to the second arg used to call the script.

>> means append to a file rather than overwriting it like > will do.

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$2 is the 2nd incoming var when the script is executed.


./script.sh foo bar   # $2 would be bar

>> means append to file instead of overwrite file entirely.

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