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I have a custom post type "recipes". I created it using the custom post type UI plug in.

the name is ic_recipes, the label is Recipes and the rewrite slug is recipes

the url is formed as mysite.com/recipes/lentil-soup/

Here is the question...

I wanted to create the template file for this custom posts types to use..

but no matter what i tried, wordpress ended up using the single.php.

I've supplied the following files to the twentyten theme folder;

and finally archive-ic_recipes.php

none kicked in. single.php was the one every single time.

I checked the codex. codex has the the following to say ( I copy/pasted for you at the bottom of this question) about the the template naming!

Please tell me what is it that I'm missing..


Custom Post Types display

archive-{post_type}.php - If the post type were product, WordPress would look for archive-product.php.
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archive-xxx.php is for archives. You want to use single-xxx.php as an alternate to single.php.

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I tried both the single-recipes.php and the single-ic_recipes.php. still, single.php runs! by the way, the XXX part, is that supposed to be custom post type name, rewrite slug or the label? –  Average Joe Oct 28 '11 at 2:38
@AverageJoe single-recipe.php is the right name. You probably are viewing the cached copy, try clearing the cache. XXX is the post slug. –  svandragt Jan 18 '13 at 13:49

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