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Here is my first time that I want to raise my issue here. As the title now I have a trouble with exporting a base64 image data to PNG, JPG, and PDF in GWT so I need your help from you. Let I give you an overview what I want to do:

Please have a look here: This is my app to generate a qrcode. After process of customization the Qrcode, I want to export the QR code in the canvas to png,jpg and pdf. To do that I will add 3 buttons are "Export to PDF" "Export to PNG" "Export to JPG" after press on each of these button, a Download Dialog will appear (Save as dialog) to let user choosing the location they want to save to and the extension of the file too (Such as C:\test.png)

I already use dataToURL function to get a base64. I used CanvasTo Image library from this link But it will download the image from canvas with no Save as dialog and no extension in FF or chrome (IE does not support for HTML5 Canvas). So that I cant export PNG and JPG. This is my first problem.

The second problem is exporting PDF in GWT, I want to work with an open source library. I tried PDF Box But now it just supports the JPG type. I want something that convert to PDF from base64. Do you have idea to help me do exporting to PDF process. What I want is after I press on "Export to PDF" button, a dialog will appear to let me save the QRcode in PDF file to my local location.

So thank you all for any help. Have a nice day.

Michael Vu

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