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I am creating my apple developer certificates - just redoing them to have a clean up.

I can create both my developer and my distribution certificates fine, however they have a different name.

Will this affect the final product?

The reason I am doing a clean up is that it kept giving me errors about not matching certificates.

Any advice would be great:-) Jeff

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The distribution certificate have the name of your company and the developer certificate have your name.

You have to use distribution certificates to release program in app store or create ad-hoc program and the developer is only to compile and run in iPhone/iPad.

But, by nameyou are saying the identifier you can use the same for both certificates or create, like I do, 2 different, than the app store program will not overwrite your dev program.

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Cool that makes sense - now I am not so annoyed about it anymore:-) –  Jeff Kranenburg Oct 28 '11 at 22:15

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