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I have a function which takes pointer value as argument in my C Static Library. Now I am writing C/CLI wrapper on it which in turn will be used in C# code.

long function_C(    PULONG pulsize, PULONG pulcount );

Wrapper Function C++/CLI

long function_Managed(  System::Uint^ size, System::Uint^ pulcount  );

I am calling function_C function from function_Managed.Now I facing problem to convert System::Uint^ PULONG.

My Query is
1. is this correct do this.
2. If this is correct than how to convert System::Uint^ to PULONG

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long function_C(PULONG pulsize, PULONG pulcount);

int function_Managed(unsigned% size, unsigned% count)
    unsigned long lsize = size, lcount = count;
    long const ret = function_C(&lsize, &lcount);
    size = lsize, count = lcount;
    return ret;

To C# code, function_Managed will have this signature:

int function_Managed(ref uint size, ref uint count)
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See here for more info. Summarized below:

unsigned int k = *safe_cast<System::UInt^>(x);
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I did't find anything regarding UInt32 – Chris_vr Oct 28 '11 at 8:38

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