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I have an Xcode 4.2 project that uses git as repository. I make some changes in my source code files. In order to discard changes in one file, I do the following:

  • Select that file in the Source Tree
  • Go to File > Source Control > Discard Changes to discard changes I made in that file

But I want to discard all changes in all files in my project. How to do it?

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File > Source Control > Commit (⌥⌘C), on the left pane select the files you want to reset, right click on selection and click Discard Changes in the context menu.

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From the command line in the git repository you could do

git co -- .

to reset the files to the HEAD revision.

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You don't have to go to the commit screen to discard changes. Just highlight the file in the Project Navigator and select File > Source Control > Discard Changes.

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This is a great approach. I almost discarded all of my changes to get rid of a corrupted storyboard file. You just saved so much work :) Thanks. –  rjgonzo Apr 30 at 19:48

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