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My problem is : I have 2 Panels (panel1,panel2) where panel1.Size = new Size(200, 200); and Panel2.Size = new Size(600, 600); where both panel's have within a CustomControl which can get Dragged and change it Possition (szbControl1 ,szbControl2) .

My Question is ,how can i set szbControl2.Location properly (proportionally)based on szbControl1.Location where szbControl1 parent is panel1 and szbControl2 parent is panel2 ,like if i move the szbControl1 at bottom also szbControl2 should be at bottom. So far i tried this :

private void sizeAbleCTR2_LocationChanged(object sender, EventArgs e)
            int smallX = (sizeAbleCTR2.Location.X * panel1.Size.Width) / 100;
            int smallY = (sizeAbleCTR2.Location.Y * panel1.Size.Height) / 100;

            int largeX = (smallX * panel2.Width) / 100;
            int largeY = (smallY * panel2.Height) / 100;

            sizeAbleCTR1.Location = new Point(largeX,largeY);

like using the Percentage but it's not working .

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The code you provided does not take into account the size of the szbControls. The ratio of the (location/the differences of the sizes) should be equal.

private void sizeAbleCTR2_LocationChanged(object sender, EventArgs e)
    float srcHeightDiff = panel2.Height - sizeAbleCTR2.Height;
    float dstHeightDiff = panel1.Height - sizeAbleCTR1.Height;

    int locY = (int)(dstHeightDiff * (sizeAbleCTR2.Location.Y / srcHeightDiff));

    float srcWidthDiff = panel2.Width - sizeAbleCTR2.Width;
    float dstWidthDiff = panel1.Width - sizeAbleCTR1.Width;

    int locX = (float)(dstWidthDiff * (sizeAbleCTR2.Location.X / srcWidthDiff));

    sizeAbleCTR1.Location = new Point(locX, locY);
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Yes man it did the trick ,thanks a lot –  Burimi Oct 28 '11 at 8:16

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