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for a scientific project we are looking for COBOL code to re-engineer into services. Anyone have suggestions? I remember there being complete software source code museums, but I can't find them anymore...

We have developed a technique for slicing code (i.e., getting out the useful parts, where "useful" is defined by some domain specific query terms) and turning them into services.

But now to test we need some code, so I ask "Got code?"

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You may have some difficulty in getting people to turn their business rules over to you.

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Very few organizations will share their source code - and for very good reasons!

About the only freely available COBOL source code of any size/complexity that I can think of is the COBOL-85 Verification Test Suite. This is not so much a typical COBOL application but a set of programs used to test COBOL compilers for their compliance to the COBOL-85 standard. Your tool is probably pretty reliable if can digest all of this code without getting itself tied in a knot.

Another source for smaller utility type COBOL programs might be from the simotime web site. You will have to poke around a bit, but there are several complete programs published on this site.

As for getting you hands on any real production code from typical COBOL shops (government, banks, insurance companies etc.), good luck!

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Thanks! I'll check out these links for sure. As for the organizations turning over their code: I've spread my question in my own network with some promising leads. –  Slinger Jansen Oct 28 '11 at 19:45
@Slinger Ah... yes... I should have cheked out your ID before answering - if your leads trace back to Mark van den Brand, Alex Sellink or Chris Verhoef or others working on legacy COBOL code analysis at UA - then your prospects are a whole lot better. I keep bumping into their work and they have done some very impressive research over the years. –  NealB Oct 28 '11 at 20:09
So much for anonimity :-). –  Slinger Jansen Oct 29 '11 at 12:57

Have you tried the CBTTAPE at CBTTape.org?

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